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Helping You Help Your Pet

Learn to foster an intelligent, loving relationship with your dog by developing a common language. Open a clear line of communication, and integrate your dog into your daily activities by providing the education necessary to reach his or her full potential.

Golden Retriever

Group Classes

We offer classes in everything from the fundamentals to a “Doctorate degree” in canine life and social skills – with several levels of learning in between. Group classes are six-week programs once a week for one hour. To participate in a group classes, you must show proof of required vaccinations.


Let your dog stay with a trusted friend while you are away! By their very nature, they require socialization with other dogs and with people, not solitary confinement.

Best Buddies
Golden Dog

Private Training

Having a trainer one-on-one ensures the training really fits your dog’s personality as well as your goals. This is especially important with larger families, more difficult dogs or people with special training goals. Often a simple change in the dog/human relationship can be enough to stop unwanted behaviors.

Pack Walk

A Pack Walk is a walk with a purpose to provide socialization and exercise for your dog's mind and body. Learn some leash walking tips that help your dog become a productive part of your walks.

Taking the dog for a walk
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