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Pack Walk

Pack Walk is FREE to all who attend and is an opportunity to Exercise & Socialize your dogs.

A Pack Walk is a walk with a purpose to provide socialization and exercise for your dog's mind and body. This walk is guided and hosted by professional dog trainer Sarah Chambless, owner of K9 Solutions. She promotes a fun, safe and productive atmosphere for both dogs and humans. This walk will also be instructional for those needing some guidance in sharpening their leadership skills. We look forward to having you join the PACK!


  • All dogs must be on a training collar or regular flat collar that is fitted properly. (Slip leads or other training collars will be provided if needed to teach you some new dog handling skills.)

  • Leashes may NOT be longer than 6 feet. Retractable leashes will NOT be permitted.

  • We request that dogs be walked at a heel. If you struggle with proper walking, we will be there to help you accomplish this goal.

  • We also request that when out walking in the pack, you keep to the right of the sidewalk. We try to provide ample room for other pedestrians to pass by.

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